Janine grew up in Malden, Massachusetts. In the early 1980's she studied design and fashion illustration at the New England School of Art and Design, Boston. Janine started drawing caricatures on weekends in Faneuil Hall, Boston and filled her evenings doing freelance storyboards for several Boston ad agencies. Somewhere in between, she taught herself digital graphics in a the new immerging field of computer art.

In 1990, she launched Local Color Design in Groton, Ma.. She has never looked back. Her first clients were local ad agencies needing graphic support. As her reputation grew, Janine began to attract local businesses looking for a wider range of promotional support. Participation in local business groups generated even more visibility. Her business prospered.

2007 brought more changes to the business when she purchased Broadmeadow Sign Studio in Groton from a colleague and friend. Adding those clients to her design business and offer signage solutions to her existing customers was very successful. The sign business expanded through the Nashoba Valley area and beyond to a very specified niche of custom hand painted signs in historic locations. Many town centers have prominent signs created by Broadmeadow.

Janine’s goal in business is to build long-term relationships with emerging local companies. By learning as much as she can about her clients’ business, she provides them with a whole range of cost-effective graphic services. Her goal is to make their image part of a total marketing package.

Janine exemplifies the best in small business today. She refers work to local colleagues, which encourages reciprocation. She supports local businesses, provides flexible local employment for creative people, and gets involved in town projects. She is an inspiration in a difficult business economy.

She and a colleague have written and published a book on caricature art called "The Art and Business of Caricature". She has also devoted a good deal of time working on a marketing and promotional book dedicated to artists looking to increase they're sales and production of art items, which she hopes to have available very soon.

Now that Janine has promoted her business and grown it to a satisfactory level, with a strong regular clientele, she is currently focused on increasing her love of creating personal paintings and commission work. In 2015 Janine  redeveloped her business model to focus on more design and marketing clients. 

In 2020 Janine moved her business to Pocomoke, Maryland. Where she and her husband Keith purchased an 11 acre farm. A beautiful location to pursue her fine art. After years of creating commercial art she is excited about increasing her presence in the fine art market. Narrowing down her business name simply as Janine LaValley Design.

Home Studio/Office:   415 Shore Line Lane, Pocomoke, MD 21851